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Our team is ready to serve you!

Upon the initial discussion our team will ask a series of questions to ensure we have an accurate understanding of your specific needs. A site visit may be necessary to capture the required needs. During a site visit pictures, instruction, and notes will be taken to capture the required needs and ensure accurate information is passed on from the client representative to the journeyman scaffolder erecting the scaffold.

In review of the project scope our team will determine the best method of accessing the work area based on the work to be performed and the location of the work, thus giving you the results you require.

Our team will strive to meet an agreed upon set of specifications or project requirements to ensure the clients expectations of quality services are met on time and on budget. This action will be accomplished by continuous project monitoring and improvements of work activities.

It is the policy of Sound Scaffolding to provide an effective and efficient service to its clients, fully meeting specified requirements and the highest standards of safety and reliability.


Our team arrives at each site prepared and committed to deliver a standard of service that achieves complete customer satisfaction by carrying out our contracts safely, on time, to specification, and within financial objectives.


Sound Scaffolding promotes a culture that ensures that products and services are supplied on time and conform to customer requirements.


During the erection each piece of scaffold equipment is inspected prior to use as it passes through the ground persons hands and by the erectors. The employees are trained to perform that task through ACTC.

Sound Scaffolding is committed to erecting scaffolds that meet or exceed Alberta OH&S requirements and Client requirements; therefore, all employees are to adhere to Sound Best Practices and Standard Operating Procedures.



Prior to certifying the scaffold, management confirms the accuracy of the scaffold location. Then an inspection is performed. These inspections are documented on a Safe Scaffold Checklist form. Certifications are to be performed only by a competent Sound Scaffolding employee. Certifications are performed according to OH&S Code and as requested by Clients. In some scenarios when agreed upon with the client, Sound Scaffolding will erect scaffolds in advance and certify it when it is ready for use.

Sound Scaffolding is committed to fully meeting specified requirements and the highest standards of safety and reliability.



prior to completion of your project to schedule in a dismantle date.


“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.”

– William A Foster

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